Community Forward - The Vision


Who are We:

  1. Community Forward is Israel’s community for all community managers, from social or demographic communities, to tech and other innovation communities.

  2. Community Forward operates on Facebook, was formed a year and a half ago, and counts to date 1,000 members.

  3. During this time, Community Forward arranged several offline meetups on various topics including:

    1. Scaling Communities (in the participation of CEO of WeWork Israel, Founder and CEO of Mobilize, Founder of Rising Tides and Community Manager of Honeybook);

    2. Definition of a “Community Manager” and forming a Wikipedia term;

    3. How to handle a crisis in a community.

      The highlight event of Community Forward was Community Forward Retreat, first time-ever in Israel - a weekend (3-day) summit of 60 community managers from different sectors and industries. During the weekend, the participants took part in about 30 lectures and activities, gave lectures to other participants and helped one another ‘hack” their community. Also participated in Community Forward were thought leaders and other well-known experts in the community ecosystem, both from Israel and abroad.


What is Our Mission:


  1. We believe Communities can have tremendous effect over the social and business environment they operate in. Our mission is to encourage more people and organizations to form communities, and guide new and existing communities in their journey, and to help them fulfil their objective goals.


Where do we go from here, or: Our Vision


  1. Community Forward will continue to be the authority and the connoisseur for building, managing and scaling communities.  

  2. We will build a marketplace of all members that will trade one another’s skills. By creating a marketplace of community managers, we bring Community into life: the members of the community will utilize the skills of their friends and their own, in order to help one another
    achieve their goals.


  3. Community Forward will also be a physical home to all members that can use our premises for meetings and meetups. We believe a physical location will answer a crucial need of most communities (a place to meet), and the face-to-face encounters will encourage the formation of new cooperation between Community Hackers’ members.

  4. Community Forward will also act as a Placement agency and will help in finding the suitable candidates for companies looking to hire community managers. Community Hackers will also protect the prestigious of this position and will promote only jobs that acknowledge the true nature of this role.  

  5. Community Forward will develop the perfect tool for managing communities. We will use the talents within our own community and their specific needs to make sure we answer their needs.

  6. Community Forward will deal with essential issues that community managers tackle during their work / activities. This will be done by hosting meetups, forming focus groups, sending out newsletters, etc. The top event will always be Community Forward, as mentioned above, that will take place once a year.

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